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A resource for state-level higher education policy makers and policy analysts, as well as higher education reporters.

The 2010 report, chaired by former Governor Tom Kean, ties higher education to the state's future competitiveness and prosperity better than any other study since the 1990s.  The Association strongly endorses the report, recognizing that certain issues surrounding graduate medical/nursing education deserve further study.

Summary of a special program of the Princeton University Policy Research Institute for the Region in conjunction with the New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities - April 2, 2010

A comprehensive guide for newly-appointed state college/university trustees.  (Revised 2006).

In addition to its Public Policy Agenda, the Association prepared, in the context of the 2009 gubernatorial race, a special policy paper.  The document provides an overview of challenges facing New Jersey higher education and the nine state colleges and universities, possible solutions and levers for bringing about positive change.  Copies had been shared with candidates for governor.

Offers recommendations regarding New Jersey-specific student aid programs to help families pay for a college education - April 2000

Offers recommendations regarding mission and accountability, and public service of the state colleges and universities - April 2000.

Recommendations of the NJ College Bound 2008 project - Adopted September 26, 2000

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