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At the PRC Group, we desire to build communities that change the way New Jersey looks at housing, and we believe our development with student housing ventures will do just that. Our fresh approach to college housing will provide students with the opportunity to do it all, experience it all, right in the comfort of their campus. Our longtime builder presence in the Garden State offers the right influence, and frame of reference, to add lasting value to our great state.

Campus Town at The College at New Jersey (TCNJ) is an incredible example of just that. This state-of-the-art housing venture, coming in 2015, will allow students to live, study, socialize, workout, shop and dine all without missing a thing at TCNJ.

As privately owned and operated student housing located on the main campus of TCNJ, this upscale, trendy environment will deliver all of the conveniences to make the experience truly memorable - shared living space, private bedrooms, a fitness center, shopping, dining and gated parking, to name a few. Campus Town will offer much more than most traditional student housing options; it is a community within TCNJ that promises to give students a truly unique college experience.

With over 50 years of continued growth, financial strength, quality service and experienced talent, The PRC Group is uniquely qualified to provide both the highest and most comprehensive level of service for property management and the protection, preservation and realization of potential values for the investors, lenders and creditors of real property assets involved in student housing ventures now and into the future.

Learn more about the PRC Group here.

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