Thomas Edison State University has been awarded a Mental Health in Higher Education: Community Provider Partnerships Grant by the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE) through the State and Fiscal Recovery Fund made available through the American Rescue Plan Act.

The grant is designed to help address student mental-health needs in the wake of COVID-19. Since 2020, TESU’s 14,000 adult students have experienced significant life disruptions brought about by the pandemic. These disruptions have increased stress, anxiety, and depression, all of which can impact students’ abilities to be successful in their educational pursuits. The grant will allow the University to launch SupportU, which will be TESU’s first comprehensive telehealth and well-being program to provide robust mental health services for students, as well as referral to other critical life-supporting resources such as eldercare, childcare, and financial counseling.

TESU President Merodie A. Hancock, PhD, expressed her appreciation for the grant and its impact on the University’s ability to support the mental health needs of its students. “We are grateful for this funding and for the recognition that mental health is of the utmost importance,” she said. “Our students deserve to feel safe, supported, and included on their college journey, and we are committed to addressing persistent gaps in higher education access to mental health services and resources.”

The grant award for the Community Provider category is $452,031 and $21,615 for Professional Development. The University will partner with Business Health Services (BHS) to support learners 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. This expansive level of access is critical for adult learners, whose multiple obligations leave little time to attend to their own personal needs. BHS will also provide TESU with professional development opportunities that will expand the ability of staff to address student mental health needs.

Thomas Edison State University is committed to providing its students with the resources and support they need to thrive academically and personally. This grant will help the University continue to fulfill that commitment. For more information about mental health support at the University, please contact the Student Success Team at (609) 777-5680 or

Source: Thomas Edison State University