Thomas Edison State University (TESU) announced today that it has evaluated the apprenticeship training provided to New Jersey Department of Corrections officers and is now offering college credit for these valuable learning experiences.

The University acknowledges that the apprenticeship training that state correctional police officers receive is intensive and rigorous and imparts essential skills and knowledge critical to their roles. Recognizing the importance of this training, TESU has undertaken a comprehensive review process to assess its equivalency to college-level coursework.

University President Merodie A. Hancock, PhD, expressed her enthusiasm for this initiative, saying, “Thomas Edison State University’s Professional Learning Review [PLR] program is dedicated to empowering individuals with the recognition they deserve for their hard-earned expertise. We believe in the value of knowledge gained in the workplace, and through PLR. With this recognition, we open doors to new educational opportunities, career growth and the enhancement of skills that can transform lives.”

“New Jersey Department of Corrections officers who graduate from the Correctional Staff Training Academy complete some of the most rigorous and intensive training of any corrections agency in the country,” said NJDOC Commissioner Victoria L. Kuhn. “We are pleased to announce this partnership with Thomas Edison State University that will recognize their accomplishments at the Academy and transform those experiences into college-level credits.”

Thomas Edison State University’s PLR program evaluates workplace training, industry-recognized credentials and professional education to identify college-level learning. The goal is to accelerate students’ progress toward completing a relevant TESU degree or certificate. This initiative offers several significant benefits:

Financial savings: Correctional police officers can save up to $12,500 on the cost of their TESU degree by applying these earned credits. Officers who are recent graduates of the training program may also be eligible for grant funding to complete their degree.

Accelerated degree completion: By receiving credit for their training, students can complete their degree programs more quickly.

Increased visibility and prestige: Recognizing professional training as college-level learning enhances the prestige of correctional police officers’ education and qualifications. Officers can request a TESU transcript that recognizes these credits.

Career advancement: The credits earned through this program can open doors to new career opportunities and advancement.

For more information about this program, please visit the University’s PLR student information page at Interested individuals can also contact TESU admissions representatives at or by calling 609-777-5680. When reaching out, please mention that you have “PLR Credit” to ensure that your inquiry is routed quickly.