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New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities

150 West State Street

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609-989-1100 office

Who We Are

NJASCU is a leading voice for public higher education in New Jersey.

Acting as an advocate in the state capital, the Association analyzes and monitors public policy issues and legislation affecting its member institutions.  In cooperation with trustees, students, faculty and campus administrators, NJASCU plays an active role in developing and proposing state higher education policy to better serve New Jersey's citizens.

The Association has been a leader in achieving landmark legislation, in 1986 and 1994, which transferred important fiscal and administrative authority to the campuses from state government, emphasizing trustee governance and direct public accountability.  The state colleges and universities are among the most autonomous public institutions nationally.

Serving as a primary information resource for its member institutions, NJASCU provides analyses of higher educational policy issues such as:

  • college access and affordability;
  • higher education finance trends and comparisons;
  • laws affecting trustee governance, ethical standards, and student welfare;
  • the need to increase the capacity of the state colleges and universities to serve New Jersey students amidst unprecedented enrollment demand; and
  • addressing the needs of emerging student populations, including student veterans.


Profiles of NJASCU alumni whose work is making a difference in the lives of others.  The website will feature a new profile each month.  Please submit suggestions for profiles to Pam Hersh or call (609) 256-8256.

This month -- Mayor Lester E. Taylor, III, Mayor of East Orange, Montclair State University Alumnus, 1997.  See Mayor Taylor's Alumni Profile here.

New Jersey State College and University Presidents' Statement in Opposition to the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions

We, the presidents of the New Jersey State Colleges and Universities, join colleagues across the nation in opposing the boycott of Israeli institutions of higher education recently endorsed by the American Studies Association and other academic organizations.

Any such boycott denies the free exchange of knowledge and ideas and repudiates academic freedom, cherished values of our universities and colleges.

While we oppose and will not comply with any such boycott, on the grounds of our commitment to institutional values, we support the academic freedom of our faculty and students to make their own decisions and express their opinions regarding the boycott on the very same grounds.  

See Signed Statement

NJASCU Statement on Voter Approval of the Building Our Future Bond Issues

Voter approval of the Building Our Future Bond referendum is a multi-faceted and far-ranging win for New Jersey -- students, employers, the construction and trade industries, and New Jersey's ability to compete in a knowledge-based economy.

The bond issue will help our institutions build their highest priority needs -- many relate directly to the STEM fields and preparation for professions crucial to the future of New Jersey.  

The bond will also help make our institutions more affordable and accessible.  We will also be able to retain more of our homegrown talent.  We lose over 35,000 students a year to colleges in other states, which costs the state economy billions of dollars per year and the loss of much of our investment in young people.  It is important for the public to know that 90% of students at institutions that will benefit from the bond issue are from the Garden State.

We are deeply grateful to voters of New Jersey who came out in considerable numbers to cast their vote -some at great personal inconvenience.

We appreciate the support of our coalition partners - business, industry, and labor - as well as the support of many New Jersey opinion leaders.

We look forward to informing the public on progress made over the months ahead as the institutions begin building facilities to serve the needs of tens of thousands of students from New Jersey and the priority needs of the state.

At the time of this statement, 62.8% of the electorate had voted in favor of the bond issue.

NJASCU is part of the Innovation NJ Coalition

Innovation NJ is a coalition of busineess and academia established to promote policies that foster an environment for innovation in the state that will: 

  • encourage increased private and public sector R&D and the commercialization of new medicines, technologies and products to improve our quality of life;
  • stimulate economic growth in New Jersey;
  • retain and advance high-paying jobs in the state;
  • retain and advance high-paying innovation-related jobs in the state; and
  • increase the number of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related graduates from New Jersey colleges and universities.

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